On many occasions, I see bulksms site desingers offering reseller package for 15k inclusive of components, design, domain name and hosting, and I begin to laugh in Japanese.
the cost of SPC 4 ( the popularly used bulksms component is approximately N1500. For an individual to buy a component and build a website for you is completely unrealistic. What you will get is a cracked or old version of SPC, cheapest hosting company to build your portal. You may not even be given the cpanel details, because you're seeking for the cheapest options. If you intend to own a bulksms portal, try and build it yourself. Bulksms is not a high margin business and having the ability to manage your site will save you a lot of stress and money. You wouldn’t be at the mercy of the person who designed it for you; calling him/her every now and then when you need to make minor adjustments. He/she may charge you for those after-design services. However if you cannot do it yourself, my take is as follows:

Desist from overly cheap bulksms portal designers. No reliable bulksms portal designer that uses SPC will collect less than 30k for a bulksms portal. To get a standard website we payment options and mature looking interface, you will need a budget between N35,000 to N75,000. Like I said before. SPC 4 (the latest SPC) alone is approximately N1500 on one off installation, let alone the cost for domain name and hosting, then the service. More so, you will get a cracked or old version of SPC which you cannot upgrade without fresh installation which will result to your losing your member details

Though SPC is not the only bulksms component. There are cheaper ones you can also buy online. I advise SPC because it is user friendly and it was designed with the ‘’Nigerian’’ market in mind. Likewise it also integrate payments option that suits Nigerian market

This article was written to get you on the know as far as bulksms business is concerned. If you're planning of join bulksms business you, you must be sure of certain facts before paying any web designer or company to build for you.

Be certain of the following:
1) What version of component will be used?
2) It is a genuine component with license.
3) Will I be given access to my cPanel login?
4) Is there any API restriction (check if the SPC has API restriction)
5) Hosting Provider to be used (Nigeria or Foreign company). I will advise you make sure it is foreign. Some Nigerian webhost can fail. And mind you, your bulksms portal is not just an awareness internet page. Its a Business.

6) Customer support (how often they respond to your calls)
7) Renewal of domain name and hosting and some other pertinent questions
Check out this maths: Cost of SPC4 + Domain name + Hosting + Design and check how much it will actually cost you. And not those cheap adverts you see online. Cheers!!!

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